Welcome to Adoption Services, Inc.

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Welcome to Adoption Services, Inc.

I want to start by saying, “Thank you” for considering adoption as a way to create or expand your family.

We believe that every child has a right to be unconditionally accepted as a permanent member of a family and that adoption is a lifelong commitment and act of unconditional love.

I speak for all of us when I say that we appreciate you taking the time to consider Adoption Services, Inc. as a possible partner in your adoption journey.

We are a private, non-profit child placing agency licensed by the State of Wisconsin with offices in Appleton, Greater Milwaukee, and Waukesha.  

The heart of our adoption programs at Adoption Services is our concern for our birthparents wrestling with the difficulties of an untimely pregnancy, and our hopeful adoptive parents struggling with the heartache of infertility. Our first priority to our clients is to assist them to reach a thoroughly considered decision for themselves and their children.

Adoption counseling is a difficult and fragile process. It is never easy for birthparents to make the sacrificial decision to terminate parental rights for the best interest of their children. It is never easy for hopeful adoptive parents to be unsure of the circumstances that may materialize to make their adoption dream come true. It is never easy for the adoption workers to balance the needs and requests of our clients and to maintain some boundaries for privacy in their lives beyond the demands of the client caseload. However, when the miraculous process of adoption is nurtured well, by ALL persons involved, profound joy can result for everyone, even the birthparents. Adoption is not without risks, but for those with commitment to adoption, there is much to gain.
Adoption makes clear something that is true in all life - we are interdependent of one another. It is imperative that we create an environment for positive decision making, made in partnership with one another. Without the security of knowing that adoption will provide the child with a hoped for future the birthparents know they cannot provide, an adoption decision will never be made.

Our agency is a small one. We pride ourselves on being able to provide personal and individual attention to our clients. The number of birthmothers seeking to place children through agencies never equals the number of waiting parents. Since our agency is small, our list of waiting parents is not extensive. However, prospective adoptive parents should expect a waiting period which can vary widely.

For any adoption in the State of Wisconsin, the prospective parents must have a current approved homestudy and there must be a child placing agency willing to accept guardianship of the child and to provide post-placement supervision. Our agency provides these services, as well as assisting in International adoptions, Independent adoptions, Step-parent, and Relative adoptions.

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